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Bixbee & the Beekeepers

Crafting an immersive digital experience to amplify the ‘Bixbee & the Beekeepers’ YouTube series. This project encapsulates the fusion of compelling landing page design, expertly coded functionality, captivating animations, and e-commerce capabilities, all orchestrated to draw viewers into the world of the series.

Eat the Change

As a Shopify developer and designer, I have the privilege of collaborating with Eat the Change to enhance their online store, implementing code customizations and design improvements that elevate aesthetics and optimize functionality. Together, we align their e-commerce platform with their mission, making it a privilege to help customers explore their sustainable products.


I had the opportunity to support Imbodhi as a Shopify expert, refining their website’s code and design. This partnership aimed to enhance their online platform, enabling them to effectively showcase their sustainable activewear brand and offer customers a seamless and engaging shopping experience.


I provide consulting and Shopify development services for MAGICdATES, actively focusing on code customizations and design enhancements for their website. This collaboration aims to elevate their online presence, ensuring customers enjoy an exceptional shopping experience for their wholesome snack products.


In collaboration with Westcove Partners, I’ve had the opportunity to design and develop their website using WordPress and Elementor. This project focuses on creating a user-friendly and informative online platform that complements their specialized advisory services in the healthcare industry, including M&A advisory, capital raises, and strategic advisory.


I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Bread SRSLY to enhance their Shopify website, implementing customizations and design improvements to effectively showcase their gluten-free and allergen-free sourdough bread, ensuring an exceptional online shopping experience and customization services.

La Loba Chocolatière

In collaboration with La Loba Chocolatière, I’ve assisted as a Shopify developer and designer, implementing customizations and enhancements for their website. Our focus is on enhancing their online presence, including a unique logo, to complement their artisanal, gluten-free, and dairy-free chocolate bars known for innovative flavor combinations inspired by the Swiss Alps and local ingredients.

Enerxen Consulting

In my ongoing collaboration, I’m helping Enerxen Consulting Inc. as a WordPress developer and designer. We’re working on customizations, improvements, and a unique logo for their website to enhance their online presence.

Grace Choi

I collaborated with Grace Choi on Shopify development and design, enhancing their beauty e-commerce brand. Our collaboration focused on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly online platform to showcase their products and brand aesthetics.

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